Becoming the Best of You

Updated: Feb 25

It has often been said that 'nothing can happen to you without your permission'. If this assertion is true then you have the responsibility of deciding what you want to become and how best you can operate in that state. Many people have been deceived into believing that they can amount to nothing. But the question is, can someone really amount to nothing? The answer to this question is right here in the world we live in. Looking around us we can see people who have become very successful and have made a great impact on the society while there are those who are failures and almost useless to themselves and the society. In fact the latter have actually become a burden to their families, societies and the world at large. These two categories of people can be said to have chosen either willingly or unwillingly the lives they live. Becoming who you really want to be and how well you operate in that state should be a deliberate act. In this short article you will be given suggestions on how you can improve yourself and become the best of you because you really can amount to something.

Becoming who you really want to be and how well you operate in that state should be a deliberate act.

Becoming the best version of you requires deliberate effort. You must first of all see the need to become better. You don't have to be satisfied with the current status of your life if that is not your best. The moment you realise you are unhappy about who you are and how you do things you need to deliberately make an effort to change that situation. Changing your situation comes with a lot of hard work. If you desire to become the best of you, identify the areas of your life that you are good at and seek additional knowledge on how to excel in those areas. Knowledge they say is power. The Bible also says people perish for lack of knowledge. That is why it's very important that you seek knowledge. However, it is worth to note that, having knowledge about the areas you want to improve in is not enough. You have to put the knowledge you acquire into practice. Practice has proven to improve people over time. You cannot continue to fail if you practice. It doesn't matter how many times you fail during practice, if you continue practicing with diligence you will definitely improve and become the best version of yourself.

If you must become the best version of you, you must learn to manage yourself well and do things when they must be done. Do not give room to procrastination for procrastination is a thief of time. Live an organized life; plan what you must do and do it as scheduled. This will help you meet your deadlines and become more effective. When you stop putting off what you ought to do you put your self in a position to excel and have extra time to explore other areas of your life that you can improve upon.

The company people find themselves in has also proven to be one of the factors that make or unmake them. It is therefore essential to be in the right company. If you desire an improvement in the area of your relationship with God, family, friends or any aspect of your life in general you must associate with people who share your vision and most especially people who have excelled in those areas so you can learn from their experiences. You don't necessarily have to experience everything in life before you improve, you can learn from people and save yourself from suffering and pain. Listen to the experience of others it will come handy when you need it. Do not waste your time with bad company.

Finally, I wish to encourage you to desire to be the best of you because no matter how good you may think you are, there is always room for improvement. Learn to identify your strengths and concentrate on being the best in those areas, seek knowledge and make it practical to improve those areas, live an organized life and refrain from procrastination. Do well to be in the right company of people and make use of their experiences to become the best version of yourself.




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