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Madam Antoinette Hiagbe


Experienced Teacher & Program Director


Madam A. Hiagbe has been working with the Ghana Education Service as a teacher for almost two decades. She believes in making a lasting impact on all children who undergo her tutelage; a passion she brings to her work in leading outreaches and giving exercises within the nation - building both the mind and the soul. She is also a board member of this organization

GlowLink Aid


This department seeks to be a source of help to the needy and less privileged in our society, as stated in the core values of the ministry. As Christians it is our duty to love all equally,  respect the self worth of every human being and to help those in need just as Jesus did while on earth.

As a result, over the past few years, GlowAid has organized donation exercises to headporters (kayayei), orphanages and a prison in Ghana.

By doing this we hope to share the love of God with mankind and cause them to draw closer to Christ as they come to know Him personally.

“Caring has the gift of making the ordinary special.”
―George R. Bach―