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Ms. Edem Gloria Akorli


Miss Edem Gloria Akorli is a public servant working as an administrator with one of the nation's public Universities. 

She  is an entrepreneur who owns a business consulting firm.

She's passionate about girl child education and lifelihood empowerment of women.

The major goal of the organization is to inspire leadership in young girls and raise pioneers. That can be difficult to achieve without education and hence the need for the Glowhagtor wing. We work to drive the importance of that in rural communities within the country that are lacking it.

We are excited to achieve consistent growth and success along with the organization 


Glowlink's "Help A Girl-Child To Read"

This department's activities are geared towards educating the girl and empowering them to go through their academics to become whatever they desire to be. Our activities are also channeled into educating the general public on issues affecting the girl child and women.

Our yearly activities include organizing a talk show on education and social issues relating to girls in a selected town or village at the beginning of the year, during which opportunities are given to the girls who fall into these 4 categories to give their information for support.

  • Girls who have dropped out of school or are not able to go to school for lack of finances. 

  • Girls who are in school but need extra financial support.

  • Girls who have all the financial support they need but need mentors to guide them along the academic line.

  • Girls who need help to learn trade.

GLOWHAGTOR works with them during the year by providing them with what they need based on each category. 

We also organize forums to educate parents and the general public on giving equal opportunities to girls as given to their boys, as well as quarterly educational shows in selected schools or communities, to shed light on issues affecting girls and women in all spheres of life.

"To educate girls is to reduce poverty"
- Kofi Annan